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Productos ganadería porcino

Pig Equipment

Feeders, hoppers, drinking troughs, high-pressure nebulizer, feed dispensers, automatic feed distributor, feeding piglet and weaning, fattening bins, slats...

Productos ganadería

Livestock Equipment

Electronic equipment for opening and closing windows, automatic management and control systems for the environmental regulation of installations, electric fences and shepherds ...

Productos ganadería avícola

Poultry Equipment

Day by day the poultry industry has greater demands in the market, and to satisfy them it is necessary to have systems that allow us a comprehensive control of the environment

Ingeniería en granjas. Llaves en mano

Turnkey projects

We carry out all types of projects: updating, transformation, renovation, etc., in all types of farms.

Productos para el transporte de alimento

Food transport

Spiral feed system, feed dosers, chain feeding system, tees and closures, silos ...

Productos de climatización de granjas

Environment Control

Ventilation, refrigeration and heating for poultry and pork ships, electronic equipment, biomass, nebulization...

logotipo DEPURGAN

DEPURGAN is manure treatment system of EUROGAN

Sistema de tratamiento de purines

The aim is to reach the treatment capacity of 20 m3 of purine and reduce principal components that suppose an environmental hazard. Such as nitrogen, phosphorus, organic matter and heavy metals.

This is obtained by a succession of physical-chemical treatments. In this case there are following treatments: homogenization, solid-liquid separation by centrifugation, coagulation-flocculation and solid liquid separation by electrocoagulation.

Are obtained two residuals: solid and liquid. The solid residual is used for manufacturing of pellets, with an equal mixture of manure and pine wood. Liquid residual is used for liquid fertilisers.

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Turnkey Projects

Eurogan is the leading provider for turnkey projects. We perform all kind of projects: upgrading, processing, renewal, etc., in all kind of piggery and poultry farms.
We combine the human capital of our engineers and agricultural technical staff together the most advanced technologies that nowadays can be found on the market, in order to create the optimal growing conditions for poultry fattening and piggery farming. Our conditions allows us to provide the most complete solutions within the farming industry, for any customer, both for largest and smallest farms.

We stock a wide range of products for poultry and related spare parts. Also all needed for fattening pigs, gestation, farrowing and nursery, as well as the spare parts concerned.
Our projects are divided into 4 independent areas; construction, food system, equipment and environment control.

Farrowing troughs Silos Drinkers for poultry LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT FATTENING FARMS Flex-Auger system pig drinkers feeders for poultry Livestock Engineering Slats Fattening Bins Pig crates S. Steel nipple Lifting accessories Feed dosers Silo outlet box

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